OPTIMISE your Career Tools and SUCCEED with Finders

and SUCCEED with Finders

Whether you are seeking a new challenge or advancement in your current organization, wanting to learn more about your strengths, or maybe you need help defining your next career move?  Whatever your needs, our Certified Career Coaches can help you progress faster on your journey to SUCCESS.

Using a wide variety of assessment tools, we work closely with you to optimize your career marketing tools (CV, LinkedIn and networking), identify your work preferences and the workplaces best suited to YOU, help you gain career confidence, providing insight, encouragement and inspiration as you navigate through the changes in your life.

Define your Personal Brand

Improve your CV, your LinkedIn profile and your motivation letter

  • Identify and articulate your unique strengths and achievements
  • Build a professional and impactful offline presence
  • Create an impressive and powerful online presence
  • Highlight strategies to promote your brand to potential clients and employers
Personal Brand


  • Discover key preparation techniques
  • Understand and prepare for the different types of interviews
  • Prepare for Competency Based Interviews
  • Deliver convincing structured answers to interview questions
  • Self-analysis and role plays to develop skills, confidence and performance
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TLP - Talents Management

TLP- Talents Management is a recognised psychometric tool.
Finders’ TLP accredited coaches can help you perform better in your current role and identify possible future roles using a TLP – Personal Assessment evaluation tool.

The evaluation tool examines four key area:
  • How you prefer to relate to others?
  • How you prefer to gather and use information?
  • How you prefer to make decisions?
  • How you prefer to organise yourself and others?

An online questionnaire identifies your work preferences and your optimal team role.

The coach gives you extensive feedback and career advice based on the results of the evaluation.
Talents Management