You are recruiting? Use an agency!

1 sep 2015
You are recruiting?  Use an agency!
For young companies, although recruitment is not always easy, recruitment agencies,
specialised in human resources area, are there to advise and help them.

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19 aug 2015
Could a MBA reboot your professional profile?
Or do employers prefer measurable achievements?
The Lake Geneva region is horne to a dynamic executive education sector - maybe it's time to invest in your professional capital?

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What next with my career in Human Resources?

18 jun 2015
What next with my career in Human Resources?

How many parents would like to balance a private life with a passionate job? How do you dedicate time to your family and manage professional challenges? A growing number of senior professionals have made the plunge and joined the ranks of HR consultants. It’s a challenging life and one that provides the necessary flexibility to live a rich life outside of work without compromising on the job content.

The opportunities are there. For the past twenty years, companies have begun to understand they can mandate high level consultants to ensure interim management positions for a couple of weeks or months. Multi-national companies are more and more often resorting to external consultants due to their flexibility and the high level of quality they offer. Indeed, with external HR consultants, companies benefit from top level expertise to manage projects like restructuring, mergers and acquisitions or simply the temporary replacement of HR Directors/Managers. And the advantages are numerous: no burdening headcount, a predefined budget, resources immediately operational, an objective and external view not affected by internal politics, etc…

So, what does it take to become a successful Human Resources Consultant ?

At Finders, most of our Consultants are parents and have experienced, before joining Finders, the “stretch” between a demanding but interesting HR role and their family life. . At one point, they decided to use their professional expertise to take on great challenges and deliver quality on a part-time basis. What made this career move work for them?
All of the Consultants from our HR Consultancy Division are first and foremost HR professionals who have built their careers in HR working and achieving “in house”. Their extensive experience and innate flexibility means that they are able to adapt to their environment and deliver what the client requires. When they take on a mandate on a client’s site, they offer high quality services, remaining detached from internal politics and free from excess emotions when managing tough situations. Furthermore, they provide neutral assessments and recommendations. Last but not least, they do not work full-time on a specific mandate and can therefore ensure a good work-life balance.
More than 10 years ago, Finders launched its HR Consultancy division, answering the needs of the interim management niche market. This market is continuously growing thus providing high level HR individuals who want to preserve their work-life balance with opportunities.

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Article written by Evelyne Genoud - HR Consultant

Our new website is live !!!!

24 apr 2015
Our new website is live !!!!

Today is THE D-Day !

We are please to present you our new web site !

New design, new services...

Have fun while surfing on it !