Gain insight into how preconceived ideas, perceptions, beliefs and assumptions get in the way of understanding the people you lead, work with and impact your working relationships.  Gain support and confidence to make bold moves, advance faster with greater precision and gain clarity on yours and your company’s values leading to greater conviction. 

Leaders as Effective Coaches

Great leaders are great coaches.  Without it, employee performance, and therefore organizational performance fails.  From individual employees to entire organisations - all rely on coaching to optimize performance.  Our workshops are tailored to your needs and aimed at leaders within your organisation who want to invest in their success and the success of your organisation.
Effective Coaches

GAP Performance Diagnostic

Performance Diagnostic

How aligned are your team and leaders to the company’s overall vision and goals?

To what extent do your people take ownership for the success of your business?

Is collaboration established within and across teams to support high performance?

It’s a lot easier to fix performance problems fast when you know what and where the problem is!

In one quick and accurate exercise the Performance Diagnostic will deliver you a snapshot of how well your leaders are inspiring and managing performance, as well as how aligned they and their teams are to the company mission. All within a 4 week period!  We highlight areas of exceptional performance and identify where other aspects can be improved to raise the bar across the company.

Your top two levels of the organisation complete an online questionnaire. Within 4 weeks we have a full blown report highlighting scores for each leader and team from which we can build a performance action plan.

Measure every 6 months over two years for breakthrough performance. Finally there is a definitive HR tool to measure how culture effects performance, and guide you through optimal interventions to improve it

Finders is the only organisation offering this diagnostic in Switzerland

Leadership Assessment and 360⁰ Feedback

As organisations evolve and business circumstances dictate, Executives and Managers need to constantly adjust their leadership capabilities and develop their agility for excellent performance.  Out of a variety of assessment methods, the 360⁰ feedback survey is recognised as one of the most reliable and valid tools to help leaders identify strengths and weaknesses and determine areas of focus to develop their effectiveness.  Our approach has a developmental focus for both the individual and the organisation.  Our professional coaches are certified and accredited to use TLP – Talents Management and Voices® 360⁰ Feedback.


and 360⁰ Feedback

Sales and Communication Performance Workshops

Performance Workshops

Generating high revenues is dependent on optimising the experience your clients/customers have at each “touch point” with your business.

Finders’ tailors specific workshops for your teams to craft effective messages and communication skills that build strong relationships with your market and individual clients. We take great care to incorporate your brand values alongside the sales and communication skills.

  • Creating a healthy sales pipeline
  • Client Focused Proposals
  • Consultative Selling
  • Sales Management
  • High Impact Presentations

Trainings are 1-2 days depending on what is preferred, and conducted in English or French

Workshops are highly practical using real case studies and scenarios from your business activities.

Finders - RoLIn Solution

For people to reach their full potential quality training and coaching is a must, but at least 67% of training investment is lost, simply because a human being tends to forget!

The Finders ROLIn Solution enables you to maximise your return on learning investment. It’s a blended, online learning solution using video, text messaging and flash cards. You can watch learning bites on your PC, laptop or mobile whenever you want.

Subjects include:

  • Sales/ Business development
  • Performance management
  • Leadership development


RoLIn Solution

CBI Recruitment Training


Specifically aimed at Talent Acquisition Specialists, Organizational Development Specialists and Line Managers focusing on talent selection, our tailored training program allows you to:
  • Assess operational and interpersonal core competencies key to your business growth and values: Business Acumen, Leadership Skills, Drive for Result
  • Build interviewing skills and confidence for more accurate selection decisions
  • Practice identifying competencies for screening, selection and development according to the position