Industries we serve

Finders recruits middle to senior level managers in permanent positions.

Our teams of recruitment professionals are all experts in their chosen field. Their specialised experience means they understand your precise recruitment needs and find the right candidates for your roles. Candidates are sourced on an international level and are rigorously evaluated using our custom-made CBI tools.

Each team covers a specific business area across all industry sectors:

Business - IT/Telecom - Banking and Finance - Legal - Life Sciences 

CBI - Competencies Based Interview

Used to obtain a more in-depth evaluation of a candidate’s key skills, we developed our own CBI tool.

During interview, all candidates are measured using one hard skill competency and two soft skill competencies. Candidates are asked to provide concrete examples they have experienced in their professional life. This improves the accuracy of our matching.

- Competencies Based Interview

Assessment Centres


Selecting the right person for a role from several excellent candidates, both external or internal, can often be a challenge!  Why not run an assessment !

  • At least 2 experienced finders consultants are assigned to each       assessment which can be conducted in either French or English
  • Consultation to clarify objectives and requirements
  • Team Management Index – used to reveal preferences and              aptitude of candidates
  • Candidates and client debriefed & given the documentation
  • In-depth, competency based interview with Finders Consultant
  • Specific role plays to evaluate characteristics and skills.
  • A final report and recommendation is delivered

In-depth, practical evaluation of professional competencies – the best chance for long term success!


Finders works with TLP -Talents Management tool to help businesses optimise their workforce performance. TLP is a recognised psychometric tool.

Evaluate and optimise Personal Development

TLP - Personal Assessment

The Personal Assessment tool identifies the working preferences of an individual. A 60-item questionnaire delivers an in-depth Team Management Profile.

Evaluate and Optimise Positions

TLP - Position Skills Analysis

The Position Skills Analysis tool matches work preferences with a position’s requirements. The results provided can improve manager/ employee dialogue and help understand and explain frequent turnover in a role.



TLP -Team Performance

The Team Performance tools identifies strengths and competencies of each team member to ensure team coherence.


TLP - Leadership Assessment

The Leadership Assessment tool assesses individuals' ability to lead a team or a project. A successful team leader needs 11 key competencies.