Hiring for Performance - In House Client Workshop


01 Jun 2018


In House


5 000 CHF + TVA – recommandé pour 9 – 12 personnes

Hiring for Performance - In House Client Workshop


Who: Line Managers/ Hiring Managers with multiple positions open or regularly recruiting through the year.

Why: Improving the evaluation and interviewing skills of your hiring managers will result in quality recruitments which will rapidly boost your business performance, promote your employer brand and improve your candidate experience.

Where: In-house

How: ½ Day workshop delivered by 1-2 experienced consultants. To keep the workshop short and therefore to keep your hiring managers away from their desks the least possible time, some pre-course work will be necessary. If there is a need for a webinar series due to high volume of participants located across multiple locations – we can tailor something to your needs.

What: A practical and experiential workshop focusing on the fundamentals of interviewing, the basics of Competency Based Interviewing using your key company competencies, recognising body language, listening skills and avoiding cliché questions. The workshop can be followed-up by a short “reminder” of the key messages via video clip – on request.