Coaching for performance - In house client workshop


01 Jun 2018


In House


CHF-7,500 per participant + TVA

Coaching for performance - In house client workshop


Who: Any leader or manager seeking an increase in performance from their team. New leaders/managers wanting to get off to a strong start.

Why: Get a snap shot of the alignment, motivation and engagement of your team, plus the skills to strengthen each factor contributing to high performance.

Where: In – House, or open courses run twice a year

How: The leader and their team complete an online questionnaire (The Gap Performance Diagnostic). The leader/manager receives the GAP Performance Diagnostic a 2 hour coaching session on the findings, followed by one day training to develop their coaching skills and learn from other leaders and managers. Finally, 3 months later, an additional coaching session is conducted either in person or by phone to identify changes that have occurred, and measure increased performance capability.

What: This is a practical, in depth, business focused intervention solely aimed at increasing performance capability. You have total flexibility as to how many teams you apply it to, enabling you to effect change in specific parts of your business when needed. Courses (whether in company or open) are limited to 6 participants to facilitate detailed interaction.