Competency Based Interview Training


10 May 2018


Ichibani Sàrl, 1180 Rolle


1,200.- CHF per participant

Competency Based Interview Training


Here at Finders, we understand how important it is for corporations like yours to build and maintain a competent workforce. To do this efficiently you need to upskill those involved in the recruitment process. Predicting an individual’s future success on the job, identifying the competencies key to the function and the organisation, and training your hiring managers and HR team to develop these recruitment skills is critical to assure you have the talent needed to power the growth and performance of your organisation. 

With over 25 years’ experience in providing quality recruitment and HR Consultancy to our clients, and 10 years deploying our own CBI tool, our team of certified coaches and HR Consultants have created this workshop to help you identify core competencies and train you to use a Competency Based Interview Technique.